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Honey Glycerin HoneyBee Soap


This soap base is infused with honey creating a delicious and moisturizing soap.
Simple and good with the sweet smell of wildflower honey! Yum!

What’s all the buzz about glycerin soap? Well, it makes luxurious bubbles and it's an amazing moisturizer because glycerin acts as a humectant...drawing moisture to your body! You won't feel dry or that feeling of residue left behind like other soaps! You’ll enjoy less soap scum in your bath as well!

Each 4+ oz (3" x 2"x 1”) bar is packed with glycerin goodness infused with a honey base in a honeybee design. Made from Non-GMO & sustainable palm.

Ingredients: sorbitol, propylene glycol, sodium laureth sulfate, stearic acid, water, sodium hydroxide, myristic acid, lauric acid, pure fragrance oil and honey.

Always allow your soap to dry. It will last longer! Don't forget the Soap Saver!
Note card included when sending as a gift.